Time To Bring This Back

About a year or so before we lost Dipped In Shoyu in 2015, we had the pleasure of making a new friend and contact with a Bay Area engraver. At the time they were focused on various types of physical media and apparel but as time went on they decided to put primary focus on their engraving. I think they made the best decision for them. The quality that they produce is insane. I used to wear this wood chain all the time. But after we lost Dipped In Shoyu, I retired it. Now that we are back that means the chain is back too. It’s getting cold out here in Northern California and my favorite way to wear this is with a hoodie. This will look great with our new Aloha hoodie that will be releasing in a few weeks. Sneak peek of that hoodie will hit our Snapchat and IG Stories first so be sure to follow us. All of our links are above in the menu bar.

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