Review: Blu Kicks

blu kicks review
A few weeks ago we filled you in on a new shoe brand based out of San Francisco that had a slip on Humuhumunukunukuapua’a designed shoe. Since then we’ve been in contact with Blu Kicks and they sent us a pair to check them out up close.* We received two pairs, one for a man and one for a woman. The mens Humu’s that we received are blue and the woman’s Humu’s are orange/blue. Here’s what we thought.

What you get in the box:

– Pair of Blu Kicks Humu slip ons
– Thank you card from owners that includes a discount code on next purchase
– Blu Kicks net bag for slip ons

blu kicks woman humu review

After opening the box the first thing that we thought about the slip ons were the colors. All the colors that were put into these shoes pop in the light. Under the shoe is a clear sole with the Blu Kicks logo and a Humuhumunukunukuapua’a next to it. At first glance at the overall product it looks like a mix between Vans and Toms. Definitely a good – strong feeling product. When I slipped them on I was very surprised with how comfortable they are. The insoles have long oval shaped bumps which make these slip ons great for walking on most surfaces. The shoes are incredibly light in weight.

blu kicks mens review

Just a side note about the mens slip ons. The inside curve of the shoe is detached. It’s not a flaw so don’t freak out when you get the Humu’s and see that there is no stitching there. It’s supposed to be there and Blu Kicks is working on a more pleasing look to that area of the shoe.

Overall, we were very impressed with the product. The shoes start at only $58.00 which fits in most budgets. And an added bonus for nature or sea life lovers, Blu Kicks invests $1 from every pair sold in protecting fish habitats.

To buy your very own pair of Humu’s go to

*The shoes that are mentioned in this Dipped In Shoyu review were given to us for free for this review. This will not affect our opinion about this product in this review.


  • janine wilson

    the most comfortable pair of slip ons i’ve ever worn!
    great arch support with removable, washable, inserts.
    i wear them to work( on my feet all day), no foot or leg pain!
    i get stopped in the street by people saying how great looking they are, and asking where they are sold.