#MainlandProblems – Need More Cookies!

Everybody that has been to Hawaii has their own go-to snacks and treats to buy before leaving. These Betty’s Best Cornflake cookies were never one of my go-to’s. It’s tough to admit that but I have to keep it real. Plus, my Wife always gets a bag so I try to sneak a few out of the bag every time she has some. These cookies came back as a gift from my Wife’s brother when they came back from their most recent trip.

It’s really hard to explain these cookies. They put cornflakes on the top of them so the cookie tastes like cornflakes. You have these cookies with milk and you practically have breakfast. I’m sure cornflakes are in the cookies as well. They are just so simple but have never found someone to recreate these. I’m actually happy that I haven’t though. I would probably gain 50 pounds if these cookies were readily available in my area.

So here I am. Saturday afternoon and watching college football. Snacking. I reach for another cornflake cookie and it’s just crumbs.