DIS Review: Power Balance

Does The Power Balance Band Really Work?

First of all, I just wanted to mention that I did receive the Power Balance bands from Power Balance to do a review on them. These bands were not purchased. Just because this product has been sent out to us, it will not affect my opinion with this review of Power Balance.

Everyone wants to know if those Power Balance bands really work? For me and the tests that I put the Power Balance through, I did notice positive results. I tested the bands in 3 ways: basketball, swimming and Wii Fit. But I did take the testing to another level by wearing Power Balance to sleep as well. I tested Power Balance for 1 month.

Here are the results:
Basketball: I’ve been playing basketball since I was a young kid and I love it. If you play basketball yourself then you will know that 2 of the main components are balance and endurance. These are the two benefits that I received while wearing Power Balance in my last basketball outings. I’m usually one of the smallest guys on the court but I am also one of the more daring by taking the ball in the paint. What this means for me is using my balance to maneuver quick cuts around defenders. By doing this I usually get hit or fall to the ground which you can lose endurance and strength. I don’t want this to sound cliche, but I do feel a difference when wearing Power Balance on the court. By improved balance, I am able to cut corners and move around people a lot easier. I still get hit and fall to the ground due to my size but my endurance has not failed me. Falling to the ground has decreased as well. I actually can say that I can play a few more pick up games than usual.
Swimming: We have a pool where we live so I make sure to take advantage of that luxury every chance I get. I have to say that I didn’t notice any positive increase in my body while swimming wearing Power Balance. I did find a way to test it in the water by standing up. What usually happens when you stand up in a swimming pool is your balance gets swayed from left to right. I stood up in the pool wearing the Power Balance band and it felt like I was standing on land. I was not getting swayed left to right. I even went as far as standing on one foot and had the same results. And just for kicks and giggles, we even attempted to stand on each others back while one person was swimming under water. The other would use them as a surfboard like object to see how long they could last. It actually turned into a fun game and a new workout.
Wii Fit: One thing I hate to do is go into a crowded gym and work out. A friend turned me on to the Wii and the Wii Fit fitness board. You can actually test Power Balance and what it promotes on the Wii Fit balance test. I have tested my balance on the Wii Fit before and it was no where near good. I’ve been doing the Wii Fit balance test ever since I got Power Balance in and by visual confirmation I have found that my balance is better with it on than off. With Power Balance I was very close to the center of balance and with the Power Balance off I was leaning to the rear back of my body. There are other test that I conducted with Power Balance and the Wii Fit program and all came out positive. If you have Wii Fit, test out your Power Balance. I’m pretty sure you will be amazed by the results.
Sleeping: A few weeks ago during a Dipped In Shoyu staff meeting, one of my team members brought up the fact that they were using Power Balance while they were sleeping. He didn’t give me his results, just told me to try it. So I wore Power Balance to sleep that same night. Usually I wake up to unusual sounds and also wake up with soreness in the morning. I have been wearing Power Balance to sleep for the past few weeks and I did notice a difference. Since adding Power Balance to my sleeping routine, I have noticed that I sleep through the night comfortably and wake up with no soreness. I don’t know if this has officially been tested by Power Balance, but they should test it if they haven’t.
I always think products like this are a gimmick. But since doing the tests with Power Balance for the past month, I am a true believer in what it promotes. I will definitely recommend it to anyone. I even find myself going up to random strangers wearing Power Balance to find out why they are wearing it. It has worked for me as it has worked for many others. I urge our viewers here at Dipped In Shoyu to give Power Balance a try.
Visit PowerBalance.com for more information.
I want to send a special thank you to the people at Power Balance for making this review happen.