DIS Review: Grounded Hawaii

Today I’m posting MY review on GROUNDED HAWAII. Keep in mind, that as with all my reviews, these views and opinions are MY OWN. I am not being paid by the company to review their product.

Have you heard about Grounded Hawaii? If you haven’t, no worries… Because I honestly never heard of them either. That is until Ian came up to me one day and handed me one of their bands and said “Here, test this and type up your review”.   At first I was like  “oh great a wanna be POWER BALANCE” and I poked fun at it… But then I did my research on the company, check out their site and found out they are so much more then that. So I removed most of the preconceptions from my head and decided to give it a fair shot.

So now you’re probably wondering why I’m the one reviewing this when right off the bat I knocked it right… Well as you may remember, our crew had the opportunity to try out the POWER BALANCE BANDS. Although everyone else was completely sold on it, in the end I was the only one who was left still being a skeptic about the whole thing. I REALLY didn’t think that it worked, and no one was able to prove me wrong. I was convinced that it was all a mind over matter thing.. (still do) So who better to do a review on a product then me…

When I got the grounded band I put my white POWER BALANCE away.  My first thought on the design was that it wasn’t very cute lol It just looked like every other typical silicon band that everyone use to sport like 5 years ago. but I suppose if a product is supposed to be more of a enhancement product then looking cute is not high on the priority list… so thats ok… But the color way bothered me up until I figured out i could wear it inside out with the plain solid white color and hologram side up and the red/white down on my skin.

So then I started the physical tests… Pretty much I began with the same exact ones that were used during our testing of the PB bands. First test was for strength, where I stand still and cuff my hand over someone elses fist and they attempt to pull me straight down or make my knees buckle. With PB it was a fail with me at least, everyone was able to pull me down HOWEVER with the GROUNDED BAND I had my husband and my brother trying to pull me to the ground and they couldn’t. I gotta admit i had a lil bit of an incredible hulk moment then ;D
We’ve also tested it out in comparison to the POWER BALANCE by using the Wii Fit. Without a band I was at 66% balance, with the power balance band I was 84% and with the Grounded Band my balance was near perfect at 97%.
I Feel that the grounded band does positively affect my endurance as well as strength. I’ve always been pretty flexible so I honestly couldn’t see a difference when it came to flexibility tests.
What I didn’t like:
A part from the design, I wasn’t keen on the sizing. The bands are thick… almost too thick which made it less flexible and very snug. Even with the medium it felt a bit tight and much heavier then the power balance bands which I wore a small in. Most people may not notice these type of things, but I suffer from acute carpal tunnel syndrome. So I could definitely feel the difference in the weight. Also the band seemed to dry causing it to crack and unfortunately it has begun to tear in some parts.
Overall I think it’s a great product. I just feel that its not quite as durable as I would have hoped.
Pricing: I’m not exactly sure how much these bands cost. Like I said it was given to me for testing so I paid nothing.