Album Review: Taryn Scali – Just Another Girl

TARYN SCALI. Remember the name. Taryn Scali is making a name for herself in the island music scene. From opening for Katchafire to getting played on your local Hawaiian radio station, Taryn is looking for her next move. Well, her next move is a big one. Taryn is taking her music and her life to Hawaii where she will add more island music experience to her resume.

Interesting album sleeve was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the cd case. Opened up the casing and put the cd in the player to check it out. I was definitely surprised with what I heard. Island infused beats with a soulful toned voice and add a hint of spoken word R&B feel, and this is what you get with Taryn Scali’ album “Just Another Girl.” I can honestly say that I can’t wait for Taryn to work with some producers in Hawaii after hearing this album. Taryn’ creative story telling keeps you listening to the whole album. “Just Another Girl” sounds like the main single that all albums have. My overall favorite song on the album is “Crazy Ex.” You can’t honestly tell me that you have never been a part of a situation like the story told by that song. The bonus track “Pressure” was definitely a bonus. Ladies will like the album because the lyrics might hold meaning in their own lives. Her album is available on iTunes for $9.99 (not including tax). The album is definitely worth the money especially if you are looking for a new island sound. This is just the start for Taryn so make sure to look out for more of her work in the future.

Overall Album Rating: 7/10

Taryn Scali – Just Another Girl Track Listing:

1. I’m The One
2. Girlfriend Again
3. Just Another Girl
4. Moment
5. LaLa Land
6. One Good Reason
7. Oh Kava
8. Everytime I Close My Eyes
9. Queen
10. Crazy Ex

11. Pressure (Bonus Track)

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