Album Review: REPRESENT

This week I will be doing a review for “REPRESENT” – an album out of the Malama Music Company. Ace was nice enough to send us a copy to do a review. Getting the album from the source does not affect my review in any way.

The first thought that I had when I saw the package was the artwork on the cover. Great artwork with historic Hawaii landmarks bring familiarity to anyone both off and on the islands. The album titled “REPRESENT” is a fitting term for the packaging and the music on this project. Represent is a compilation of good island style music by some of Hawaii’s finest artists. Artists like Ho’okoa, Kaipo, Inik and even the new trending group of Positive Motion put their skills to work on this album. The music on this album is also making waves in the island style radio market having multiple singles on current radio playlists. Represent is something you can definitely pop into your CD player or car stereo and listen from start to finish. With the soulful tone, an island sound and different styles by all of the artists make Represent an album must buy-must have. I usually put a favorite song on my album reviews, and I must say that I had a hard time picking it this time around. If I had to pick an overall favorite song off of Represent I would have to choose Track 2 by Ho’okoa with their song “Ups and Downs.” Represent is hands down one of the best Hawaiian compilations that I have heard and one of my top 3 favorite albums to come out of Hawaii this year. Good artists and good music production makes this project a consumer no brainer. So what does this mean? It means that when this album is released, you need to go out to your local music retailer and buy yourself a copy. Support local island music and “REPRESENT” it as much as you can.

Overall Album Rating: 9.3 / 10

The Malama Music Company was built around producer/musician Ace Loughmiller. First entering into the local music scene at the tender age of 17 years old,music would push and shove Ace where it wanted him to go. “There was never an intention to own a studio and produce artists, it just happened you know?”. Whether it happened or was meant to be we will never know, but many have given thanks for not only the wonderful music provided by Ace, but also the friendship and honesty which is rarely seen in the music business. Ace has graced the stages with every possible local group you can think of from the Hawaiian islands to the Mainland and has been fortunate enough to have over 50 individual artists pass through his studio. “Its funny how I started with this little 4 track Tascam machine recording friends in my parlor, and gradually worked my way up to having a fully functional facility. It has not been an overnight process as I have accumulated gear and knowledge throughout the years”. Looking at his track record you can see that it has not been an overnight success for Ace but he has put in his time,energy, and mainly his heart to get where he is today. “My priorities have drastically changed over the years but I can honestly say that I am happy where I’m at right now. I am fortunate enough to have the best of all entities in my life. Whether it be my job,my family or the music, Everything is where it needs to be right now and I’m happy with where everything is at”. However he has prioritized things, it is obvious that it is working for him and the artists that he has been working with. With a string of number one hits and most requested songs under his belt, and many upcoming artists as well as well known artists contacting him to produce new material, I am sure we won’t be seeing the last of this Hilo boy anytime soon.

–Bio taken from the Malama Music Company website

REPRESENT Track Listing:

1. Genuine by Ace ft. Sudden Rush and Ho’okoa
2. Ups and Downs by Ho’okoa
3. Put It On You by Dynomite
4. I Wanna by Kaipo Kapua
5. Perfect World by Kekai Boyz
6. 180 by Inik
7. Midday Lullaby by Jace Saplan
8. Calling Me Home by Redd ft. Jamie McDonald
9. Since You Left Me by Positive Motion

10. How I Feel Inside by DJ Audissey

For more information about the Malama Music Company and “REPRESENT” please click here

I want to send a BIG MAHALOZ to Ace and the Malama Music Company for sending the album to us for this review. Keep up the great work and can’t wait to hear any and all upcoming projects.