The Dipped In Shoyu story started the first time I heard an island reggae song on a family road trip with my girlfriend (now Wife). I grew up listening to a lot of Reggae and have never had the chance to go to Hawaii other than stopping over on a trip to the Philippines when I was a little kid. I liked the song, which was a song performed by Ekolu, and wanted to see the cd cover. The first thing I can remember saying or asking is……

“these guys are singing a love song over a reggae beat?”

And this is where it all started.

I finally had a chance to go to Hawaii for my Wife’s birthday and had the chance to experience the island life and the music scene. I fell in love. Deep. I can still remember listening to the Lanai and Augie morning show in our hotel room every morning we were there. Radio and music was and is a big deal in my life since I worked in the radio industry for more than 8 years. We came home from that trip and I couldn’t shake that island fever everybody talks about so I decided to make an island music blog. We operated that for a little under a year until we had a errand run to Target that would change our lives for the next 7+ years.

I told my Wife that I wanted to do more. I wanted our blog to be more than a blog. I wanted it to be a place where islanders can go online to check out the island lifestyle whether you are going to Hawaii from the Mainland or vice versa. At the stop light, my Wife agreed and said 8 words that would bring that idea all together…..

“why don’t we call it Dipped In Shoyu?”

And the story starts from there. for 5 years we showcased the best of Hawaii, both on the islands and on the mainland. We showcased up and coming brands to the most established brands. We mixed in lifestyle and entertainment with a big focus on music. We traveled and made tons of friends that we now call our ohana. We are forever grateful for everything Dipped In Shoyu has given to us and what Dipped In Shoyu has given to so many.

Unfortunately, we lost our Dipped In Shoyu website in 2015 due to a hack. We tried to rebrand everything to Mainland HI but we never loved it as much as we loved Dipped In Shoyu. Luckily in mid 2017 we were able to get our Dipped In Shoyu website back but was left with a big decision on what we wanted to come back with. We decided as a team that we wanted to become an up and coming brand that we used to showcase on our old site. We wanted to be in the mix of all the lifestyle brands. So that’s our new focus.

One door closes and usually another door opens but in our case the same door that closed is the same door that opened. So this is us. Same people behind it. Just doing things a little different this time around.

We hope you love what we do and continue to support us.

Mahalo and ALOHA.