Time To Bring This Back

About a year or so before we lost Dipped In Shoyu in 2015, we had the pleasure of making a new friend and contact with a Bay Area engraver. At the time they were focused on various types of physical media and apparel but as time went on they decided […] Read More

#MainlandProblems – Need More Cookies!

Everybody that has been to Hawaii has their own go-to snacks and treats to buy before leaving. These Betty’s Best Cornflake cookies were never one of my go-to’s. It’s tough to admit that but I have to keep it real. Plus, my Wife always gets a bag so I try […] Read More

#TBT – Kama’aina Magazine in Las Vegas

In 2012, after our first trip to Las Vegas for promoting Dipped In Shoyu we got in contact with Jill at Kama’aina Magazine. This was a connection we made from a mutual friend of ours. At the time, we were actually putting together a list of Las Vegas locations that […] Read More

Dipped In Shoyu x Local Designs Collab Decal

Both Dipped In Shoyu and Local are very excited to bring this collaboration to life. This has been something we’ve been talking about for years and here is where we start. Show your Aloha spirit in the PDX/PNW with this collab decal! You can purchase this shirt in our shop […] Read More

Hawaii Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

This is a design that we released on our 2 year anniversary about 5 years back. Sold out fast back then. A classic diner inspired image on the chest. There is also a Dipped In Shoyu logo on the back neck of the shirt. This shirt comes in its original […] Read More